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1x Bet - Baseball betting site in India. Types of Bets and More

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Intro to betting on baseball

Intro to betting on baseball

When it comes to baseball, it is very much obvious that it remains one of the best sports for betting. There are many people out there that make serious money through online baseball betting. Before enjoying your big payday, you have to learn what are the most common types of bets on baseball games. Here is our top three:

  • Money Line/ML. You're predicting the outright winner. There are many things to take into consideration, including past meetings, recent form, weather, home advantage, etc.
  • Run line. Placing bets on baseball can be complicated, but there's nothing wrong with simply selecting +1.5 or +2.5 bets on runs.
  • Totals. If you don't know which team will win, but still want to bet, then you should opt for totals. You need to place an over/under bet to see if both teams combined are able to reach a certain number of runs.
Is Baseball Popular in India?

Is Baseball Popular in India?

As evidenced by the growing betting market in India, we can say that baseball is not currently popular in India, but is getting there. It would take another decade or two to finally oust cricket as the country's favorite sport. 

Still, you can bet on baseball games on several sites in India, but beware of the shady bookmaking platforms that are out to rip you off. By the way, you should also beware of subpar websites that offer low baseball bet odds and just don't meet the ever-increasing industry standards in general.

Are There Any Good Sites for Placing Bets on Baseball?

Are There Any Good Sites for Placing Bets on Baseball?

Luckily for you, there are many good sites that can help you make money through online baseball betting. At the forefront of this movement is 1xBet, the leading international company that has been operating in the betting market since 2007. The bookie's vast experience and truly professional approach make it the best place to get started in the realm of baseball betting. The expert team is always here to help if you have any issues.

Thanks to this company, you can bet anywhere and at any time. Their award-winning baseball betting app is available on both iOS and Android (via APK download link). If you are interested in the mobile experience, there aren't too many other bookies that make the betting experience this simple.

If you still need more details about how to win big, read any of the 1xBet reviews that can be found online. Remember that there is a very lucrative welcome bonus awaiting you (up to 26.000 INR with promo code). It can easily be sued when making bets on baseball to help you double your winnings as you bet on innings!

Which Leagues to Bet on in Baseball?

Which Leagues to Bet on in Baseball?

Since India has no baseball league of its own, it makes sense to turn to other countries to learn about the history and scope of this great sport. Let's take a look at the most popular leagues with the most advantageous baseball odds betting:

Major League Baseball USA
Nippon Professional Baseball Japan
Australian Baseball League Australia
China National Baseball League China


  • How do you bet on baseball?

    Betting on baseball can be carried out in several different ways. Currently, the most popular option is betting on web-based gambling venues such as the very popular online platform called “1xBet.” It has a generous welcome bonus for all the aspiring baseball bettors.

  • What does +1.5 mean baseball?

    This term is related to gambling. It’s a spread. It means that the underdog has to out-and-out win or lose by precisely 1 point to cover +1.5 spread. The spread can be applied to runs or points.

  • What does +2.5 mean in baseball betting?

    Let’s give you an example. If Team A is at +2.5 in baseball, it means that it’s getting 2.5 runs. The plus sign means that the runs are not subtracted, but added to their final score. In case they end up losing 8-7, you need to add those 2.5 runs to their final score. This means that your bet wins since the score would be 8-9.5.